Is there a new type of theater on the horizon? One that won’t suck?

I can’t even remember the last time I stepped foot in a movie theater but I still remember the ticket price shock and the jaw dropping snack food prices, and this was after fighting to find parking that didn’t need me to visit the bank first for a new mortgage.

Then there are all the horror stories from my friends, those brave enough to venture forth to watch a movie in all its glory, about stupid people and even dumber seating that left you feeling like a sardine in an overcrowded can.

There has been various attempts over the years to try and make it a better experience but on the whole theater owners seem to think that the only reason we suffer through these types of indignities is because we want to see the movie and there is no other way to do that, so screw making it an enjoyable experience.

Well there are many other ways to see those movies now, legally or illegally, and people are fed up with being treated like mindless sardines and just something to gouge money out of. We have seen movie attendance go down over the last number of years, even though the movie business is still making incredible amounts of money, but all the theater owners can think of is to con us with 3D garbage and bottles of aspirin on the way out for the headaches caused by the movies.

Well it seems that there might finally be a backlash against all this happening in New York of all places, which means that if it takes off there it is very possible for this new trend to hit your town.

So what’s the idea?

How about incredible food that you might actually want to eat and pay for without crying. Yes it seems that gourmet foods and independent film theaters are getting some serious attention and a lot of love.

At the new Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, movie trailers aren’t the only pre-feature offerings. There are appetizers, too: deviled eggs with bacon bits, chicken wings dusted with sesame or croquettes stuffed with Serrano ham.

All are created by a Michelin-starred chef, and brought to you table-side by a server who makes sure your Gruyère-topped burger arrives just as “Midnight in Paris” enters its second act onscreen.

Nitehawk is New York’s first movie theater with full table service, and it is one of several boutique theaters offering plush seating, waiter service and ambitious programming not typically found at the local multiplex.

via Wall Street Journal (needed a subscription to read the whole post)

If you head over to the site for Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg not only will you see what is on the agenda for the big screen but you’ll also see what is being served for dinner and drinks during the showing.

And it seems that it is not just the small independents that are beginning to see the light as both new cinema chains like Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas and old guard ones like AMC are realizing that they need to change their way of attracting moviegoers and making them want to come back.

Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas, is a new entry in the field in the U.S. but they are looking at opening up several VIP style theaters

Cinepolis — a large multi-plex theater chain with operations in Latin America, India and Brazil — is adding theaters in the U.S. that serve cocktails and gourmet finger foods. Movie-goers can order from a menu of sushi, paninis and wraps while sitting in theaters equipped with roomy, leather seating.

The first Orange County theater will take over a 7-screen Edwards in Laguna Niguel, which is closing Aug. 14. A second Cinepolis — where a meal and a movie will average roughly $30 per person — is planned for an Edwards in Rancho Santa Margarita.

“The whole idea is luxury cinema,” said Carlos Wellman, operations director of Cinépolis. “We are not McDonald’s. However, we think we give people a value for their money.”


For AMC though it will probably be a longer process but they definitely have the advertising down pat.