The first NFL 2011 power rankings

It is always a little nerve racking to see the first power rankings for the NFL. I have not seen all the teams play yet, but will once I spend the next few days glued to the NFL network, and I know already that some will be upset with where their favorite team has been ranked. In the pre season these rankings will change a lot, and as I get through my NFL team previews (this year featured at, they always change a ton. So be patient if your team is good they will climb the rankings and if not…Well we know already. With that being said let us get to it:

1.New England Patriots- They looked good, and Tom Brady has yet to play
2.Philadelphia Eagles- The NFL dream team, we think
3.New Orleans Saints- I like what they have added
4.Green Bay Packers- defending champs
5.New York Jets- I am betting Rex Ryan fixes their issues
6.Atlanta Falcons- a young team on the rise
7.Indianapolis Colts- They are still pretty good
8.St. Louis Rams- maybe a little high, but they look good
9.Baltimore Ravens- maybe a little low, we will see
10.San Diego Chargers- another very good team
11.Pittsburgh Steelers- hard to bet against them
12.Tampa Bay Buccaneers- another young team on the rise
13.New York Giants- I am very unsure about them
14.Detroit Lions- injuries are a problem, but they look sharp
15.Chicago Bears- we never believe in the Bears
16.Seattle Seahawks- I actually like what they have done
17.Cleveland Browns- I want to believe
18.Houston Texans- This is probably low for them, to be continued
19.Dallas Cowboys- I don’t have a good idea about this team yet
20.Denver Broncos- on paper they look pretty good
21.Jacksonville Jaguars- they could surprise some folks
22.Oakland Raiders- due for a big step forward
23.Arizona Cardinals- high for a team with a new QB
24.Washington Redskins- if things bounce right for them they may surprise
25.Carolina Panthers- I do not think they are headed anywhere
26.Tennessee Titans- sign Chris Johnson already
27.Miami Dolphins- QB issues are not good
28.Buffalo Bills- maybe their better than this
29.Minnesota Vikings- can we say rebuild
30.San Francisco 49ers- QB issues
31.Kansas City Chiefs- scored no points and have 33 million dollars in cap space
32.Cincinnati Bengals- man did they look bad