Vox Explains Three Reasons Why War Is Not Needed

Sun Tzu wrote a book on how war is an art. Not only is war considered an art, but it is also feared. We here at The Inquisitr have done numerous reports pertaining to war. We have reports on fictitious war such as the possibility of the Infinity Wars for Marvel movies. We have studies of war, especially on World War 3 or the Cold War 2. We even have updates on current wars, such as the one in the Middle East, which is best explained in less than five minutes.

However, Vox posted a video up explaining how war is actually going away. The video even includes three big reasons why the statement is valid.

Uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Vox, the video has over 20,000 views and is considered one of the most popular YouTube videos as of this article’s publication. Zack Beauchamp actually narrates the reason in two in a half minutes. As a matter of fact, the video’s synopsis says it all on what to expect:

“War is dominating the news right now. But that makes it easy to miss that, relatively, there is a lot less of it today. The 21st century has been the most peaceful one in modern history to date.”

Honestly, is that true? Actually, a lot of what is said is true. The three things talked about were the democratic peace theory (no relation to the Democratic Party), the stability-instability paradox pertaining to nuclear weaponry, and sovereignty. These three working together actually makes it that war is a lot less now than any time in history. What makes war seem bigger than wars that we read or study about in history is our technology. For example, during the United State’s Revolutionary War, watching a line of Red Coats was extremely feared because back then, the world’s greatest military was the English. If the English of then did that to the United States military now, well… you get it.

In conclusion, war is on the decline. For some though, this is just the calm before the storm, especially with the heat building between the United States and Russia. Throw in China and that is a powder keg ready to explode.