Hillary Clinton Favored For Presidency But Democratic National Committee Members Can’t Name One Accomplishment [VIDEO]

Is Hillary Clinton's new book a dud?

At this moment, most Democrats are excited about Hillary Clinton, especially for the upcoming 2016 election. Now that Barack Obama’s second term in office is about halfway finished, Democrats are looking to maintain control of executive power and Hillary so happens to be the best person for the job. Just here on The Inquisitr, we reported numerous articles on the favored Democratic nominee, including her donating all speaking fees and a moment when people thought she and John McCain were good friends. Maybe it’s because McCain slipped and actually called Hillary “president.”

Let’s not forget the members of the Democratic National Committee. A lot of them are extremely excited for Hillary Clinton running for president, as well as winning. Not to mention they can recite basic information about her too such as her books, being married to former president Bill Clinton, her daughter Chelsea, and being Secretary of State. Unfortunately, this video also shows they can’t name one accomplishment either.

Uploaded on the YouTube channel of MRCTV.org, it shows Dan Joseph interviewing people at the National Committee Winter Meeting. The type of interview is baiting in which the person would be asked something general about someone, then asked something specific to the generalized answer of the the first. As a simplistic example, I would ask if you like meat (general question), and if you said yes, I would ask what kind (specific question).

Taking the bait-style reporting aside, if you are going to support someone running for the presidency, it is always good to judge your choice on what a candidate’s past accomplishments are instead of how they look, what they say they will do, and so on. The fact that her accomplishments are unknown probably shows that she hasn’t done anything worthy or memorable to deserve a presidency nomination.

The Daily Sheeple does state some of her accomplishments that supposedly don’t count… though they shouldn’t be considered an accomplishment in the first place:

“I guess accidentally losing $6 billion and ignoring a year’s worth of cables begging for security that lead to the death of four Americans under your watch after you funded the Al Qaeda that killed them doesn’t count.”