Presidential Hopeful Hillary Clinton Is Pro-GMO, Staunch Supporter Of Monsanto [VIDEO]

By now, most people already know that Monsanto is considered to be "the most evil corporation in the world." Just here on The Inquisitr, we reported on their involvement in GMO, in which their GMO corn has caused numerous issues, which in turned caused Russia to ban its import. Their GMO wheat is no better, as farmers state that as the cause for their lawsuit. In the end, Monsanto and GMOs have been banned in 50 countries around the world.

Fortunately for Monsanto (unfortunately for us), they have a powerhouse presidential hopeful/favorite backing them up: Hillary Clinton.

A video, uploaded by Ken Stone on YouTube, of the Hilary Clinton's speech at the BIO Convention 2014. In it, Hillary expresses her support for genetically modified organisms, or what we know as GMOs. Actually, the video does sound like a "job interview" for the presidency in 2016, as she includes her insights on manmade climate change, her stance on business, and also who supports her via by what she supports.

The Daily Sheeple finds this as no surprise. In their report, they want everyone to know that Hillary Clinton has been a professional corporatist her entire career. They even state that one of her first careers was working for the Rose Law Firm, a prestigious Arkansas firm with big business clients that includes Tyson, Walmart, and... drum roll please... Monsanto!

They also find it ironic that many sites supporting Hillary Clinton as the best person for the presidential job also are against GMOs, feeling the need to expose the dangers of the Frankenstein foods. As a matter of fact, the statement below shows where the site stands on the irony:

"So GMO is bad for a bajillion reasons, but we need to vote in a pro-GMO president who will pave the way for the proliferation of, you guessed it, MORE GMO? You don't think it'll be Hillary in there signing orders to protect GMO next? Give us all a break."

To learn more about how bad GMOs are so bad for everyone (thus showing why it is a terrible idea to support them if you read some of the horror stories), check out the website Fight Against GMOs.