‘Psycho’ Daughter Found Living With Mother’s Corpse

Daughter Found Living With Mother's Corpse

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is eerie enough, but everything is creepier when it happens in real life. On Monday, a woman was found to have been living with the body of her deceased mother for at least a year, The Huffington Post reports.

On Monday, the police responded to a 911 call in Borough Park, Brooklyn where they found a woman behaving erratically. The police had to knock down the door, as the woman refused to open it, and said that she wanted to hurt herself. Building repairmen investigating a leak coming from the apartment called the police after discovering a putrid smell coming from the unit.

The woman was later identified as Shava Stirn, 28. Authorities took Stirn to Maimonides Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation.

After the incident, police officers left the apartment. However, they later returned after receiving a call from Stirn’s aunt regarding concerns about her sister, Shava’s mother, who also lived in the apartment unit. She reportedly hadn’t heard from her sibling in a year.

The police returned and investigated a garbage-strewn apartment and found the corpse of 61-year-old Susie Rosenthal.

According to the Mirror, Stirn has been eating and sleeping with her mother since her death. Stirn also dressed in the same black outfit and shoes that her mother wore when she died. Although investigators do not suspect foul play, the city medical examiner will be performing an autopsy on Rosenthal to determine the cause of death.

Stirn would prop her mother’s corpse on a stack of bin bags in the kitchen to eat with her, and she would carry her mother’s corpse to bed so she could sleep beside her at night.

Amin Ashrafov, who lives in the same apartment building, said that he was shocked to see the interior of Stirn’s apartment when authorities were doing an investigation. “It was scary. I saw a pile of garbage. I freaked out. I’ve never smelled something like that before,” he said.

Based on reports, neighbors haven’t seen Rosenthal in a long time. Sources also say that relatives of Stirn and Rosenthal would leave food outside the apartment because no one would answer the door.

Statements from anonymous sources say that both Shava Stirn and Susie Rosenthal suffered from psychological disorders.

One of the cops investigating said that the scene in the apartment is straight out of the movie Psycho. “This is one of the weirdest cases I’ve ever seen,” the cop said.

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