Burned Dwyane Wade Could Be Headed To The Bulls

Dwyane Wade heading to Chicago?

Dwyane Wade is probably not going to be spending much time in the forseeable future with Lebron James. With the news that James has resigned with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Wade is now a player without a team.

What’s worse is that Dwyane was lured to the Miami Heat after promises that Wade, James, and Bosh would be the foundation for a long running dynasty in South Florida.

After James decided to opt out of his very lucrative contract and sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Wade now has to decide where he wants to play, while dealing with the reality that there are some who believe Lebron left Dwyane in the lurch.

As the Boston Herald points out, it appears as if James might have done a little more than simply fooled Wade with talk of a long-lasting run. Considering that Dwyane is not the player he once was, it means Wade now has to get himself a new contract that likely won’t be near as lucrative as the one he signed in Miami.

While there is certainly an argument to be made that Dwyane is an adult who is responsible for his own actions, it is the way in which Lebron might have misled Wade and Bosh just last week.

All three players opted out of their contracts with Miami in hopes that “the big three” would be able to make room on the payroll in order to bring in some help and make another championship run.

Instead, James decided to take his game elsewhere and that appears to have started a domino effect. Lebron James has what appears to be another mammoth contract in Cleveland and Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade now need to go look for their own. It appears none of the three are realistically looking at returning to South Beach.

For his part, reports have started to circulate that Dwyane might be headed to rather colder climates in Chicago. SB Nation reports Wade might be headed to the Bulls.

Chicago was recently thought to be interested in both Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James but lost out on both. It appears they might be looking at the former Marquette (just up the road in Milwaukee) to try and salvage a lost free agent period.

This is actually the second time the Bulls have come courting the shooting guard, having tried to land him in 2010.

It stands to reason the team might be able to save a pretty penny on Dwyane Wade this time around.