Bacteria Found New Swimsuits: ‘Protective Liner’ On New Swimsuits Doesn’t Protect You From Germs

Bacteria found on new swimsuits has some consumers changing their minds about how they try on swimwear. According to dbTechno, serious bacteria has been found lingering on bathing suits that have never been worn. Most people know about that “protective liner” that you’re supposed to make sure is on before you try on a bathing suit, but a new study finds that said liner isn’t helping protect you from much of anything.

According to the report:

“The protective removable liner in women’s swimsuits do not do their job in protecting the fabric from our germs. There is still bacteria from the person who previously wore it still lingering on the bathing suit. Turns out that microbe researchers have even found germs in brand new bathing suits.”

Bacteria found on new swimsuits isn’t believed to be deadly. However, researchers believe that shoppers should take a bit of extra precaution when trying on a new sun suit. For example, tying on bikini bottoms over a pair of underwear is a smart idea. Also, washing the bathing suit before you wear it for the first time is a must. Lastly, hand-washing is always advised after handling new clothes of any kind (especially swimsuits). Just think of how many people handled (never mind tried on) those clothes before you. Ick!

According to Today, the human body is very good at fighting off these types of germs that are found everywhere from cell phones to toilet seats. If you really stop to think about the amount of germs covering almost everything you touch, you probably wouldn’t want to leave the house… but the truth is that these germs aren’t harmful. They are just super gross.

Bacteria found on new swimsuits likely won’t even make you sick. However, it’s good to know that the “protective liner” doesn’t mean too much. You know, just in case you find a swimsuit you love and it doesn’t have one of the liners attached. That’s a mini-salvation right there.

But, for many women, this is just another thing to think about when faced with the daunting (for some) task of picking out a new bathing suit:

“As if trying on a swimsuit in a cramped dressing room under bad lighting in front of a mirror that must be adding pounds and cellulite to every inch of your body isn’t bad enough — now we have to worry about germs.”

Something else that doesn’t do much to protect you? Toilet seat covers. And that’s even more disgusting. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a car’s steering wheel could have just as many germs as a toilet seat. In fact, a recent study showed that your steering wheel has 11 times more bacteria on it than a public toilet seat. Uh, gross.

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