‘Guardian Angel’ Arrested For Being All Kinds Of Creepy

If you meet your guardian angel, let’s hope it looks nothing like the sight that one woman in New Mexico woke up to this week.

The woman, who was not immediately identified, said she woke up to see 22-year-old Jacob Segura (pictured above) standing in the doorway of her bedroom wearing nothing but a woman’s swimsuit and a purple robe.

KRON4 reports that she asked Segura what he was doing, and he responded that he was her guardian angel. At this point, understandably, the woman decided to call the police.

She had a young child in the house with her, and as it turns out, Segura was high on meth and wanted on suspicion of child exploitation and possession of child pornography.

Police said the woman was “quite shaken” by the incident, noting in comments to KOAT that “Nobody wants to think that somebody in this condition would be standing in your bedroom doorway when you wake up.”

Just how did the supposed “guardian angel” get in? Well, it wasn’t magic. Segura entered through an unlocked door.

More from KOAT:

Segura is from Roswell, where a bench warrant is out for his arrest. Court records state it’s related to a 2012 case for sexual exploitation of a child.

Police say they don’t know how or why he came to Albuquerque. Segura is in police custody but is not facing charges. He is booked on the Roswell warrant.

Albuquerque police said they’re working to get him back to Roswell.

This is one of the stranger cases we’ve reported on recently, but it’s not the first time we’ve brought you a story about creepy dudes ending up in weird places.

Does anyone remember the story out of Oklahoma about a peeping tom hiding in a public toilet?

Kenneth Webster Enlow, a 52-year-old man, was observed inside of a septic tank by a woman taking her 7-year-old daughter to the restroom at a Keystone Lake park.

Tulsa Police were called to the scene of the White Water Park women’s bathroom after the discovery.

From Deputy Brian Osman’s arrest report: “I observed the white male while he was in the septic tank. … I saw that he was standing with his head and shoulders out of the hole and that he was covered in feces.”

If we had to pick one of these winners to encounter, we might stick with the guardian angel. What about you, readers? Also, should these gents be in an institution or prison?