'Big Brother 2014' Spoilers: Week 3 Nominations, Battle Of The Block Results Are Out

Week 3 of Big Brother 2014 is likely going to be quite entertaining for fans. Devin may have been in control last week, but now he is very much a target for being booted out of the house. As fans saw Thursday night, Derrick and Nicole won the Head of Household spots. Now thanks to Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds, fans can get some intel on the nominations, the Battle of the Block competition, and plan, for eviction.

Buddy TV covered the latest Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds. Nicole and Derrick talked through a detailed plan, and so far it looks as if they are sticking with it. Derrick nominated Jocasta and Caleb while Nicole nominated Amber and Donny. Amber and Caleb were in the loop on this, and Derrick had planted the idea in Caleb's head that he should throw the Battle of the Block so that Amber would ultimately be safe. Did it work? While it sounds as if Caleb may not have ended up throwing the competition, the result still was the one the group anticipated.

The Battle of the Block competition took place Friday after the nominations were revealed and again, things went according to plan. Amber and Donny won, meaning that Nicole is no longer HOH and Amber and Donny are off the block. As a result of the loss, it seems Nicole has to wear a frog costume. So, is it Jocasta or Caleb who is the target for eviction? At this point, neither of them, actually.

As Big Brother Network reveals, the goal is to backdoor Devin. Big Brother spoilers indicate that the house pretty much across the board is coming together to target Devin. Whoever wins the Power of Veto on Saturday will use it to pull someone off the block, and Devin will be nominated instead, as long as everybody stays on-script.

Of course, if Devin gains a spot in the POV competition and wins, the plan falls apart. Given that this is Big Brother 2014 and Devin has shown an ability to win, fans probably should brace themselves for the possibility that this plan to target Shepherd might fail. Devin is aware that he is in a potentially bad spot, so if he does get a chance to play in the POV competition, he surely will go all-out.

Alliances are on shaky ground in many instances this week, and things could get wild. Stay tuned for more Big Brother 2014 spoilers throughout the weekend as the Power of Veto competition should take place on Saturday. Will Devin be headed out the door this week, or will the houseguests need to find a new target? Season 16 of Big Brother airs on CBS on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights.

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