WWE News: Major NXT Stars Set To Appear On Upcoming RAW and SmackDown Tapings Next Week

Sami Zayn Adrian Neville

WWE has managed to excite fans for decades with wrestlers that were top tier and could entertain the masses. The issue is, before they ever step foot in a WWE ring, every WWE talent is trained to wrestle. WWE has made sure that no talent they bring in will be trained poorly, as they opened up the WWE Performance Center and loaded it with everything needed to develop a Pro-Wrestler.

NXT was born out of all of this, where all the developmental talents perform. Some do not have what it takes and are let go, while others thrive in this environment and are brought up to be part of WWE’s main roster. Three people have potentially thrived better than any person on the NXT roster today. Sami Zayn, Charlotte, and Adrian Neville have performed very well since day one.

Charlotte was a bit green when she started, but the girl is a second generation wrestler. She is the daughter of the great Ric Flair, and thus has a lot to live up to. She has managed to do well in the shadow of her father. The WWE does not make her keep his last name as part of her stage name, however; it’s an open thing that she is his daughter. However, she has not been given anything. If you watch NXT, you know she has earned everything the WWE has given her there, and what they plan to give her in the future.


Adrian Neville is the current NXT Champion and has excited the crowd with his high-flying ability for some time. Scouted by William Regal, the WWE saw a tape of his and has to have him. They signed him and never looked back. He has not only gained fans since being in WWE, but the company likes him so much that they feel he could be a major star for them. He is not a big man either, which is interesting for WWE, as the company tends to favor bigger men over smaller ones.

Sami Zayn was known as El Generico on the Independent scene. Fans loved the gimmick, and WWE did too. The fact that he was entertaining and was world traveled excited the WWE. He also knows multiple languages. This helps WWE internationally, and that is something the WWE needs to continue to exploit. The WWE felt it was best to take the mask off and reinvent Zayn. The thought frightened WWE fans, as they felt it would potentially kill Zayn in the WWE. However, due to his ability to adapt along with his exceptional skills, Zayn has managed to really excel with WWE on NXT. He has potential matches of the year with several NXT stars and even main roster stars like Cesaro.

Many wanted to know when we could see any of these people come up, and now word is that WWE could bring all three up within the following week and appear on either WWE RAW or SmackDown. Zayn has been traveling with WWE a lot, and worked several dark matches. Many felt that he was going to be showing up soon, but it was just a matter of when. Neville was said to be doing some traveling with WWE on their recent tour. Due to this, it seems like all three have impressed WWE enough to be part of the main roster.

Most think that WWE won’t bring all three up this week, as it would be pushing it. However, WWE is trying to increase ratings and also make shows a lot more fun. So bringing up all three could be good. The issue is that it might be best to announce them ahead of time similar to how they did with Bo Dallas, and make sure people know they will be here, but in a few weeks. So that we are prepared and those who do not watch NXT, will know who they are.

WWE does have a good problem, though. All three are excellent in the ring and even good with the mic, and while they all may still need some development, they will most likely learn when on the main roster like many before them.

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