Pamela Anderson: ‘No Man Knows What To Do With Me’

Pamela Anderson Pens Revealing Poem

Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported that Pamela Anderson and her husband, Rick Salomon, were filing for a divorce. But this wasn’t the first time the two had separated. Back in 2007, Anderson and Salomon tied the knot but then had it annulled in March of 2008.

Shortly before the news broke, Pamela Anderson wrote a lengthy and emotional poem on her Facebook page that sounds like a breakup just happened. And some of it sounds like she puts the blame on herself.

“No man knows what to do with me– / I blame myself– / To play with me, is eternal– / I’m not ‘on the clock’ or… / on the ‘payroll'”

But Pamela Anderson doesn’t specifically refer to her relationship, and Salomon’s name is never mentioned in the poem.

“What have I done…? / I knew it was wrong from the start– / primitive– base instinct.. / Never marry a rich man… / Euros from a Vagabond… / Just start walking – (Like Jeanne Moreau and Miles Davis) / Never look back.”

Anderson also reveals that she loves “being in love, but expectations make it impossible to be happy – or satisfied.”

“I’ve tried… so hard… / maybe it’s not in fashion– / Tradition…just seemed so romantic…, / I guess it’s a used up ideal — / for the old fashion… / not modern…”

The poem also has Pamela Anderson revealing her thoughts on prostitution.

“I wonder how prostitution works- / Does it ever feel good? / Lost little souls – being taken advantage of– / or taking advantage of- / Is it just for money? Is it for attention?”

And Anderson mentions how she misses Playboy.

“I miss Playboy– / The End of an Era– / Chivalry, elegance- / Celebrated imperfections – / differences… hot– / passionate dreamy scenes…/ The girl next door– shyness—’it’s my first time’ / but – not my last….(wink)”

And then Julian Assange’s name gets thrown into the poem, and Pamela Anderson finishes it with the entr’acte of a play she wrote. The full thing can be read on Anderson’s Facebook page.

In related news, the show for which Pamela Anderson is best known, Baywatch, is getting the big screen treatment. However, while Anderson, David Hasselhoff, and Alexandra Paul are all set to return for the adaptation, the film will actually not be called Baywatch.

According to a report from Metro, legal issues have plagued the production – resulting in the project to “look like Baywatch – and sound like Baywatch,” but it won’t be able to mention the name. Instead, it will be called The B-Team, and there will be “no references to the show whatsoever.”

[Image via Televicentro]