Grandma’s Face Is Priceless When A Promise Is Fulfilled On 100th Birthday, Shaving For 100 [Video]

Grandson Gives Grandma Priceless Gift On 100th Birthday

This grandmother received the gift of a lifetime when her grandson fulfilled a promise he made four years prior. Scott Cleveland had been growing his impressive beard for over four years, but his grandmother despised it. Cleveland said:

“Had a beard for 4 years. And for 4 years Grandma has disliked it. I promised I’d shave it for her 100th birthday.”

The video below shows the priceless reaction as Cleveland fulfills that promise to his grandmother. In the video dubbed, “shaving for 100,” Cleveland shaves his beard with his 100-year-old grandmother anxiously watching.

What I love about this video is the grandmother’s reaction. You can see the sheer joy as the clippers make their way to her grandson’s face. When the first tufts of hair start falling, her face is beaming with delight. She begins to clap and says, “Happy Birthday Grandmama!”

At the 0:34 mark grandma gets a piece of the action by taking the razor to her grandson’s face herself. The slow motion effect at 0:43 really drives home the overall joy felt by grandma. After the shave is complete, grandma seals the deal by saying, “Nice to see you again.” This is probably the happiest I have ever seen a person to see someone shave, but she has earned it after 100 years on this earth.

Now Cleveland seems to be a winner when it comes to giving gifts to grandma, the shaving for 100 is pretty priceless, but so is her 99th birthday gift found on his Imgur account. Grandma has “99 problems and age ain’t one.”

Cleveland's present to his grandma for her 99th birthday.

Speaking of Centenarians: For those of you who have wondered, the oldest person who ever lived is a Chinese woman who claimed to be 127 years old.

What do you think Cleveland will come up with for grandma’s 101st birthday next year?