Yellowstone National Park: New Video Of Increased Thermal Activity Hints At Super Volcano’s Imminent Eruption

Yellowstone National Park is starting to get a lot of attention since we reported earlier that the National Guard is preparing for an event to happen there soon. It may be evident that the park’s super volcano, which it sits on, is about ready to erupt. For those who don’t believe, maybe they should see what Firehole Lake Lane — the road that leads to Firehole Lake, one of the parks landmarks — looks like. It has completely melted and looks like oatmeal, making it very unsafe for anyone or anything to use them.

A new video was recently uploaded on YouTube showing what most of the major geyser basins look like at Yellowstone. The video also states these areas of the park have been closed because the stills of the geyser basins in the video literally look like “hell on earth”.

Uploaded by Higher Truth Channel on YouTube today, the pictures shown in the video were taken three days ago on July 9. One of the pictures just so happens to be Firehole Lake. The article we posted earlier talked about the road being closed off, but what about the lake? The video actually does a comparison between the lake back in 2005 to now. The 2005 pictures show the lake as if it were tranquil with some thermal activity spotted about. Jump to 2014 — Firehole Lake literally looks as if it is one fire, with numerous plumes of steam rising off the lake’s surface. The other pictures shown in the video include Bisquit Basin and Norris Basin. Both of them look like they are one fire too!

In the latter half of the video, it explains how there has been 53 tremors in three days, followed by the changed flow of the magma chamber which has moved closer to the surface. Because of this, 30 basalt flows have been made, including in West Thumb, Norris Basin, Riverside Geyser, and Castle Geyser.

Before It’s News followed up on the video, stating that the increased activity is seen across Yellowstone. However, there is assurance that an eruption is not imminent. Still, the video and pictures prove that things are heating up dramatically as more attention is brought to the park of a possible eminence of a geothermal crisis.

[Image via Bing]