Red Lobster Server Pays Widow’s Dinner Tab After Learning She Spent 31 Anniversaries There With Husband

Red Lobster Server Pays Widow's Bill

A Red Lobster server generously paid for a widow’s dinner after learning she had spent 31 anniversaries with her late husband there. KSDK 5 reports that the widow was taken out to dinner by her daughter for what would have been another anniversary with her husband at a restaurant in Columbia, Missouri.

The unidentified woman’s husband died in March, but her daughter wanted their romantic tradition to continue.

This story is making online news since Reddit user, Coppin-it-washin-it, shared the incident. The user also so happens to be the widow’s son. He explains that the server at Red Lobster asked his sister and mom if there was a special occasion they were celebrating. His sister told the server about her parents’ tradition, and when the bill came, a sweet note was handed to them and let them know their bill was covered.

The note read:

“We are sorry to hear about your husband’s passing, but we appreciate your loyalty in spending 31 years of your anniversary with us. For your appreciation your meal is on us! We look forward to spending your next anniversary with us! Sincerely, Red Lobster & your server, Taylor”

The photo of the letter given to the widow at Red Lobster has been deleted, but it’s pictured above. KDSK 5 confirmed the validity of the note with Darden Restaurants spokeswoman, Erica Ettori. She says:

“What Taylor, the server, and Chad, the manager on duty, did demonstrates how our teams live Red Lobster’s core values of genuine caring and hospitality each day. All of us at Red Lobster are truly proud of the Columbia team and appreciate their commitment to making every guest’s dining experience a special one. We also extend our wishes to the family who dined with us and look forward to serving them again next year!”

The widow’s son wrote on Reddit that his father died in March from cancer. His dad always took his mother to Red Lobster because it’s her favorite restaurant. Coppin-it-washin-it added in his post that he had no idea this would get so big and go viral. He even apologized to the Columbia Red Lobster in case they were receiving too much attention over their server’s kind gesture.

The Inquisitr has a similar story like this one about a single mother’s meal being paid for by a complete stranger. Wholehearted generosity goes a long way and it can arise in the most unexpected places.

[Image via Daily Mail]