Kevin Costner Gets A New Co-Star In Gary Oldman For ‘Criminal’

Kevin Costner will have to share the screen with Gary Oldman as it’s just been announced that the two have signed up for the film Criminal.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gary Oldman, who will most likely crush the box office in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes will join Kevin Costner in the action film.

For right now, we know the bare details of the film, which Kevin Costner is starring in. Costner’s role has not been revealed just yet, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, the plot “centers on a dead CIA operative’s memories, secrets, and skills that are implanted into a dangerous prison inmate in hopes that he will stop a diabolical plot.”

As for Gary Oldman if the deal is locked he will be playing the CIA chief which isn’t a huge departure from the roles he’s had in the past. He often plays police officers, chiefs, or is the commander in charge.

Over the years, Oldman’s co-star Kevin Costner has been limiting his roles as an actor. Although recently he has completed two films: McFarland and Black and White. Most of what gets Costner in the headlines these days is older work, like the iconic film Field of Dreams.

Recently Kevin Costner gathered with his co-stars to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film. A festival was held at the playing field in Dyserville, Iowa. It’s a huge attraction for fans of the 1989 film, but even a bigger one this year when the stars Kevin Costner, Dwier Brown, and Timothy Busfield gathered to celebrate the landmark.

At the time Costner said:

“I get a chance to bring my three little kids here. It’s really good full circle for me that this movie lives so long. For fans, the movie’s overlapping themes of second chances, redemption and staying true to one’s convictions just ‘rang a bell.'”

The actor continued speaking with NBC’s Bob Costas:

“A lot of times people go ‘You know, the movies… movies don’t mean anything. This one did. This little movie did.'”

Costner’s last project just so happened to be another sports film, but it didn’t get the acclaim that Field of Dreams Did. Draft Day (co-starring Jennifer Garner) was an inside look on the NFL’s draft day, but apparently that wasn’t exciting enough to catch people’s attention. While receiving rave reviews from critics, the film would up underperforming at the box office.

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