All In A Day’s Work: Katy Perry Plays Madison Square Garden, Mingles With Fans [Photos]

Katy Perry plays Madison Square Garden

Katy Perry brought her Prismatic show to Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, then spent time in New York meeting and mingling with fans. During her performance to an audience of mostly teenage girls, she stayed true to her Katy Perry style of putting on a show: complete with over-the-top stunts and 3D effects to rival anything Pixar could dream up.

The New York Daily News would profile the Madison Square Garden performance, saying:

“The show… doesn’t miss a garish hue, from the shocking yellow smiley-faces that adorn one outfit, to the cherry-red hearts that dot another, to the toxic green wig Perry sports in one more.”

The article would call into question, however, how long Katy Perry will be able to continue these types of shows now that she is getting older. Still, what she’s doing is most obviously working. Katy Perry boasts 54 million followers on Twitter and 72 million followers on Facebook. Perhaps this is partially due to her concentrated focus on being as “available” to fans while at shows as she possibly can be.

Katy Perry with fans after Madison Square Garden show

Another article found on ShowBiz411 also profiled Katy’s Prismatic show but discussed it from a different perspective: the writer had teenager girls with him. Of course, Katy Perry is growing increasingly popular amongst the 12-17 age group and therefore a majority of the audience at Madison Square Garden performance actively participated in the show. For more than two hours straight as Katy Perry meticulously danced and sang through her biggest hits, the arena was enlivened with screams, tears, and singalongs.

Katy Perry at Madison Square Garden

Both before and after all of her shows — Madison Square Garden included — Katy Perry still finds the time to meet with fans from all over, both at organized events and also through random encounters. Perry even took time out to visit with fans for a charitable cause while she was in the Big Apple. While there, Katy joined forces with Staples to donate around $150,000 to Donors Choose, a non-profit which makes school supplies easily available to disadvantaged children.

Another special meeting that Katy arranged was to meet with a longtime fan who took inspiration from all things: Katy’s outlandish and creative style. Krysten Martinez, a 16-year-old from the Upper West Side, got to see the show up close and personal and also meet her icon face to face.

All-in-all, it seems like Katy took New York in the way that only she can do it: with an outrageous stage show and by meeting as many of her fans as possible before she moves on to her next leg of her tour.

Did you see Katy’s iconic show at Madison Square Garden? What did you think about it?

[Photo credit: Katy Perry/Instagram/Facebook/NY Daily News]