Lobbyists Already Screwing Up Debt Panel Before It Even Begins

Company lobbyists have already began meddling with the debt panel’s supercommittee, despite the fact that the organization won’t even begin meeting until October when they will begin discussing their plans for spending reform in the United States

To have their voices heard lobbyists have begun approaching members of lower committees and pushing their agendas on those members, while lower committee members will push their future proposals onto supercommittee members for further consideration.

According to one unnamed lobbyist speaking to Politico:

“I think you always want to start in the best possible position and not have to rely on a last-minute fix,” notes one. “You want to start essentially as they are germinating the ideas.”

While the use of lobbying efforts has some people in Washington worried, other people, including some lobbyists believe that the greater good will prosper thanks to the panel.

Another lobbyist tells Politico:

“Most clients are not assuming sequestration is the final route, even if they think it might be better for them.”

When examining what has already been proposed, the Chamber of Congress is looking for “comprehensive” tax reform which means their plans will likely not be affected by lobbyists since lobbyist efforts would likely go against their “tax reform” plans.

Some business people are also railing against Lobbyists, including billionaire Warren Buffet who on Monday announced that he would gladly pay more in taxes, while asking the Federal government to raise taxes on him and his millionaire and billionaire friends in order to help generate needed cash for the economy.