Channing Tatum’s Shaved Head: Love It Or Lose It?

Pictures of Channing Tatum’s shaved head have gone viral online as women everywhere adjust to the actor’s new look. Though the look is a bit of a shocker upon the first glance, so far it seems that women are quickly adjusting and embracing it. What’s the scoop behind the new look?

According to People, Channing Tatum’s shaved head is just a move he made for the summer. How does his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum like it? According to Channing, she loves it, and fans certainly can’t blame her. While some initially thought the new look must be tied to a new role for the actor, it seems he is just changing things up during some time off this summer.

Us Weekly notes that the 22 Jump Street actor is currently hanging out in Vancouver, where Jenna is filming Witches of East End Season 2, her show on Lifetime. Tatum was spotted with the couple’s dog walking along a hiking trail. It seems he initially had on a baseball cap, but photographers asked him to take it off and that’s when Channing Tatum’s shaved head was captured for all to see.

From the looks of commentary online, women do not give one hoot about Tatum’s choice in hairstyle. Whether it’s slightly longer locks or the shaved look, he gets hearts fluttering without much additional effort. While the couple has been dealing with rumors of marital turmoil lately, at this point all signs point to things being just fine in the Channing and Jenna household.

Some fans of the Magic Mike star note that Channing Tatum’s shaved head look is not an entirely new one. The actor has worn this look before. According to E! Online, Channing mentioned to someone at a Vancouver park that he “shaved my head because it’s so hot and I really like it this way.” It most definitely seems to work on him.

What is next up for the actor when it comes to new projects? He has mentioned online that he is working on the new docu-series Running Wild with Bear Grylls, and it premieres on July 28. The new NBC show will air in six episodes, and other familiar faces participating include Zac Efron, Deion Sanders, and Ben Stiller. This one definitely sounds like a can’t-miss show for Tatum fans.

What do you think of Channing Tatum’s shaved head look? Is it a keeper, or should he go back to the slightly longer style?

[Image via Cosmopolitan UK]