Illegal Immigrants Petition Demands Obama House Migrant Children In A White House Hooverville

An illegal immigrant petition is demanding that President Barack Obama house the thousands of migrant children on the White House grounds instead of having buses deliver them to cities all over the United States.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a study of the real unemployment rate claims that during the last 14 years there has actually been a net decrease in jobs for native-born American citizens. This is claimed to be due to the large influx of legal and illegal immigrants, who have taken millions of the available jobs.

To give you an idea how many people are coming over the border, when a Mexican train derailed, the accident also made the news because of the thousands of illegal immigrants who were riding on top of the train. There’s also fears that illegal aliens are carrying scabies and other diseases into the towns they are being dropped off into.

The immigration crisis has had President Obama asking for $4 billion from taxpayers in order to pay for the large influx of migrants crossing the border. As a comparison, the cost of renewing the 2014 unemployment extension bill that was introduced recently in both the House and Senate is estimated to cost around $10 billion.

This political standoff has begun to turn into an armed standoff with the DHS closing roads and blocking visits to holding areas for illegal immigrants. In response to the flood of people, this past week Texas militias have mobilized in order to secure the border and one Texan town even banned undocumented children and rejected orders from the federal government. But it is not just states along the Mexican border that are effected, even Michigan towns are protesting the illegal immigrants arriving in their neighborhoods.

In response to all this chaos, an illegal immigrant petition on demands that President Obama and the Democratic Party handle the so-called “humanitarian crisis” by establishing housing in their own backyard, not in the rest of the United States:

“We demand Obama and Democrats come up with a plan to establish privately funded housing in Washington and on the grounds of the White House to accommodate illegal immigrants. If an amnesty bill is passed by Congress wealthy Democrats and others should continue subsidizing poor and unskilled immigrants who will impose a burden on the federal budget.”

The petition also points that Nancy Pelosi once said, “I wish I could take all those children home with me.” They believe this quote epitomizes the “attitude of congressional Democrats.”

The illegal immigrant petition has already reached 4,393 signatures in two days. In order to receive a response from President Obama it’s required that the petition reach 100,000 signatures by August 8, 2014.

Do you think the idea proposed by the illegal immigrant petition is a good idea?