Mike Dickinson: Congressional Candidate Seeking Teen Nudes, Or Giant Fake?

Mike Dickinson has been portrayed in the media (and let’s face it, has portrayed himself as well) as a liberal democratic Virginian candidate for Congress who is so enraged at a 19-year-old girl’s (legal) hunting of endangered species that he is offering a cash bounty to anyone who can provide reputation-damaging photos or videos of the girl, preferably pornographic. His Twitter posts have the viewing audience in an uproar.

There are some problems, though. The first one is the Mike Dickinson may not be who he claims to be at all.

Let’s clarify that: Dickinson is surely a real person, and he had, until sometime this morning when it became disabled, a website for collecting donations. However, by all accounts, he’s not actually a candidate.

Ballotopedia says Dickinson has failed to submit necessary paperwork to meet the requirements to run for office, for one thing.

In fact, according to Mediaite, Dickinson failed to file necessary documents back in April, even before his last media outrage, when he declared war on Fox News.

That’s right, in April it was already clear that Mike was not actually in the running, but just a guy making a lot of noise.

He’s continued to claim to be a candidate, though. His Twitter profile still boasts a “Dickinson For Congress” banner, but the account itself raises a few red flags. For one, it’s not verified. Also, how serious can a candidate be in 2014 with only around 2,000 Twitter followers?

In fact, his tweet calling for nude photos of Kendall Jones looks increasingly like one more desperate cry for attention.

He’s even gotten into a minor Tweet-battle with George Zimmerman, adding further evidence of a man just seeking publicity anywhere he can find it.

Attention for what, though? Not a serious political campaign.

Is Dickinson a parody, meant to make the Democratic party look bad, and continue the myth that it’s the Dems waging the “war on women”?

Perhaps, and it’s fair to note that the language of his self-description seems odd and stilted:

Left-wing liberal?

Wouldn’t something like ‘liberal Democrat’ sound more like the normal electioneering language?

There’s nothing solid to prove that Mike Dickinson is a fake Democrat, but there’s every evidence that he’s not a real candidate, and nothing to make him appear more than one more troll, begging people to notice he exists.

[Image Credit: Twitter]