July 15, 2014
Skydiving Marriage Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong [Video]

A skydiving marriage proposal went horribly wrong when Brandon Strohbehn seemingly dropped the engagement ring while in free fall... or did he?

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Brandon Strohbehn and his girlfriend Nicole have both been skydiving for quite a while. They have been dating for almost 19 months now and they have both jumped away from a perfectly good airplane 224 times between them. So in their case a skydiving marriage proposal would seem the perfect backdrop considering their history together.

Marriage proposals can get quite interesting sometimes, but Brandon seemed to think his skydiving marriage proposal needed one more twist. The skydiving lovebirds dove together while holding on to each other and when Brandon pops the question to Nicole he apparently lost an expensive engagement ring mid-flight.

But it turns out that fancy ring was just a fake intended to be lost. When they were both safely on the ground in San Diego, Brandon's brother produced the real engagement ring and proposed to her for real while on the ground. Based upon the video, there were other people in on the practical joke, since it shows other celebrations after they hit the ground.