Are You A Grown-Up? After This Video You May Feel Less Adult Than You Do Now — Or More

Are you a grown-up? Whether you’re age 18 or 80, the answer may surprise you. Thanks to our good pals at BuzzFeed, we’ve got a video that you’ll want to watch if you’re having any doubts about your ability to grow up. Or if your friends and loved ones are.

And if you’re not having any doubts, here are a few sample questions from a BuzzFeed test, which helps determine whether or not you’re a grown up:

• Do teenagers sometimes annoy you?

Do you eat three meals every day?

Can you tell one salad dressing from another?

Do you do laundry — or just buy new underwear?

Do you own furniture?

Do you own furniture that you didn’t get at Ikea?

Do you follow the news?

Does your resumé no longer mention your high school achievements?

Get the picture? If you answered “yes” to all of those questions, congrats. You’re all growed up! If you have a few “no” responses, well, you may not be as grown up as you think you are. You’d better take the whole BuzzFeed test — click here to see it.

But first, watch the above, two-minute video and think about that question: “Am I a grown-up?”