‘Pride’ Video Reveals Apple’s New Logo? Nah, But The Company’s Commitment Is Heartwarming

Apple has always been a rather secretive company, but its policies about hardware are quite clear: unflinching commitment to highest standards of quality. The company has an equally interesting history about its logo.

Apple's logo hasn't undergone many changes. While many firmly believe that Apple's half eaten fruit perfectly portrays faboccini sequence and the golden mean, the company hasn't confirmed or denied otherworldly references that may or may not have gone in developing the ultra-simplistic logo.

Though the logo is quite simple, it certainly reflects elite sophistication, and per the company's creator Steve Jobs, the logo is a clear representation of the intention of the company that is to offer products that are simple to operate, but aren't simple in design and bear ultra-premium innards.

Steve Jobs Had A Very Interesting Outlook About What Products Apple Inc. Will Make And How
Steve Jobs Had A Very Interesting Outlook About What Products Apple Inc. Will Make And How

Hence it was a mild surprise when a video of a parade organized by Apple purportedly revealed a new colorful logo of the company. The supposedly new logo is literally colorful. Though Apple hasn't infused colors within the half-eaten fruit, the outer-lining of the logo has bold colored lines running along the silhouetted edge, reported PC Mag.

While many online reports may give the impression that Apple has a new logo, that is not exactly the case. This variant of the Apple logo, featuring colors of the rainbow flag, are a symbol of the gay pride movement. Coincidentally, the new logo was tweeted by the company's CEO Tim Cook himself.

The video came with an interesting comment, "Inclusion inspires innovation." This is a direct reference to the company's equally unflinching support to the gay and lesbian community. The video merely celebrates the Silicon Valley tech giant's policy of inclusiveness, reported IBN Live.

Why is Apple suddenly so active about tweaking its logo to suggest its support to the LGBT community? Apple has traditionally been quite open and supportive of the gay movement. However, its arch rival, Google, has always been a step ahead in displaying its commitment to multiple causes, including the gay movement. Moreover, Google cleverly released creatively crafted doodles to commemorate occasions and also spread the occasional message for the last 16 years.

Hence Apple must have strongly felt to publicize its support to the noble cause by tweaking its logo ever so slightly. However, the parade was anything but. The company took out all stops, got special bikes outfitted with colorful buntings and kept, ample food ready for the gay pride parade. By doing this, Apple might be hinting that it's not enough to just tweak logos, but to actually include people for the global drive of inclusiveness that the company strongly supports.

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