Leah Remini In Talks To Join 'The View'? Actress Leaves Scientology, Takes On TV Full Force

Leah Remini had her new reality show premiere on TLC on Thursday night -- and with rumors that she is in talks to join The View, it sounds like she's taking some huge steps in the TV world. According to Rumor Fix, Remini was recently visiting Wendy Williams to promote her new show when Williams mentioned that she thought Remini would be a great fit on The View.

Remini's response?

"It's like, I am now open to any and everything because I just love to work. I love what we do. I love doing what I do. I'm open to everything."
It seems clear that Leah Remini is opening herself up to the world now, since she has left the Church of Scientology and has a bit more freedom in what she can do and say. According to Hollywood Life, Leah isn't exactly a top pick to join The View, but her name has been tossed around on several occasions.

A source shared:

"Leah Remini has been on a short list of celebs to join 'The View,' [but] she is not on the top of the list. The search is still on and they hope to have more names by the [Television Critics Association on July 19]."
Based on the response that Remini gave Williams, it sounds like she'd totally be game to try her hand at a talk show -- and many of her fans think that she'd be a great fit. Plenty of actors have had great success in talk TV (Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon), and so Remini would be in great company if she decided to accept an offer.

Leah Remini has decided to open herself up to the world by way of reality television and, in doing so, she has taken a stand against her previous belief system. You see, the Church of Scientology is quite strict and has many rules (read sacrifices) that people normally wouldn't enjoy. Now that Remini has chosen to leave the church, she really is experiencing things that she couldn't before. That means having a reality television show -- and talking about her decision to leave. The Inquisitr reports that Remini plans to talk about her experience with Scientology and will showcase much of the aftermath that she has had to endure since parting ways with the church.

Did you watch Remini's reality show last night? Do you think she'd make a good addition on The View?