Tourist Swept Over Niagara Falls After Ignoring Safety Measures

A female who was visiting Niagra Falls fell into the Niagara River and was swept over the popular tourist destination last night.

According to reports the female was attempting to take better pictures of the falls when she climbed over the areas safety railing and fell into the river.

The Toronto Star is reporting that the female has not yet been found and a search for her body is still underway. The twenty-something tourist fell over the Canadian side of the falls at approximately 8:30pm after standing on top of a pillar, the accident occurred when she tried to climb back down from the pillar and slipped, landing in the rushing waters.

The likelihood that the women has survived is very low due to high pressure waters and rocks at the base of Niagara, only two people have went over Niagara Falls unprotected and survived, one of those people went over Horseshoe Falls on March 11, 2009 and was rescued from the river with a large wound to his head and sever hypothermia.

Not to sound like a PSA for public destination safety, but when their are railings, fences and other protective measures, they are ALWAYS there for a reason, this is another example where common sense was simply ignored.