Becca Tobin’s Boyfriend Matt Bendik Cause Of Death ‘Inconclusive’

Becca Tobin, known for her role in the hit television show Glee, is mourning the death of her boyfriend, Matt Bendik, TMZ is reporting. Becca Tobin’s boyfriend was just 35 years old, and cause of death is unknown. Police say Matt Bendik was found dead in a hotel room in Philadelphia on Thursday, July 10, 2014. He died under mysterious circumstances, officials say.

Details are still not clear, but the couple may have been traveling together for business reasons. Family members tell the Daily Mail that Matt Bendik and Becca Tobin had discussed getting married just before his death. Sources say the stress of expanding his new businesses may have been a factor.

Police learned of the death after they were dispatched to the Hotel Monaco located at 433 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. When they arrived they found a white male lying face down on the bed inside the hotel room. The maid told investigators that the body was discovered around 1 pm that afternoon. Becca Tobin was not in the room with her boyfriend at the time of his death.

Results of the autopsy report are inconclusive, though it is speculated that Becca Tobin’s boyfriend died of an apparent heart attack. Police have ruled out that the death is related to drugs, suicide, or homicide.

Tobin’s Glee came to television on September 9, 2009 on Fox. Becca Tobin joined the cast that same year. She is also known for her role Drop Dead Diva, another hit show which debuted on Lifetime the same year.

Family members say that Becca Tobin had hoped to have children with Bendik and is beside herself with grief over his sudden death. The grieving process is a long one after the death of a loved on. Becca Tobin will feel a flurry of emotions, such as sadness and loneliness as she moves through the grieving process.

According to the book The Science of Living How to Cope with Grief After Losing a Loved One by John Davidson, it will be important for Becca Tobin to allow her loved ones and friends to support her fully throughout this difficult time. Others cope with grieving the death of a loved on by throwing themselves back into their work as a way of distracting themselves after a loved one dies.

Becca Tobin’s beloved fans have reached out to her on Twitter and Facebook to offer their condolences:

“My condolences to you, your boyfriend’s family and friends must be a hard time for you, stay strong.”

“I am so sorry for your boyfriend Becca. I just want you to know that all of your fans, me included, are with you. We love you, and I just want to say that I am sorry for your loss. Stay strong.”

Becca Tobin’s last post on Facebook was July 10.