Amazing Video: Phil Mickelson Makes Birdie From Cart Path! [Video]

For Phil Mickelson and golf lovers everywhere, the 13th hole at the Scottish Open was the place to be. Yes, we all know that Rory McIlroy made a 436-yard drive from that location, which is exciting. But, Phil Mickelson stole the attention on that hole, according to CBS Sports.

As Mickelson’s tee shot landed on the cart path, it would have been easy for Mickelson to take a free drop. In fact, most golfers probably would have. But Fox Sports tells how Mickelson walked right up to his ball on the golf cart path without hesitation. And in perfect Mickelson form, he made precision contact with his ball on this incredibly difficult shot, creating a beautiful spin.

Believe it or not, Phil Mickelson went on to make a birdie on that hole! Wow!

Phil Mickelson did this very same shot off the cart path at the Cadillac Championship in 2013, according to CBS Sports, as seen in the video below. Mickelson, in the excitement of the moment, actually gives an impromptu explanation to amateur golfers on how to make that kind of shot. Per Yahoo Sports, Mickelson said, “You’d have to be an idiot to open the club face” and “the ball is going to come out five yards longer than normal.”

Phil Mickelson went on to finish at the Scottish Open with a 3-under 68 for the day. Gotta love Phil!

[Photo Credit: Sports World News]