‘Revenge’ Season 4 To Be Show’s Final Run? Why Series Could Be Ending

Revenge season 4 might be the show’s final run, according to reports after fans spoke out. As Hollywood News Daily notes, Revenge’s biggest and best season yet will be the next one with Victoria in a mental institution, Conrad and Aiden dead, and David Clarke alive.

The storylines in season 4 are set to outdo all other seasons. Fans are ready for different plots and twists. They’re tired of the “Jack, Emily, and Victoria madness after season 3,” Fashion & Style adds in their piece regarding the poll taken by User Submitted Daily.

According to the poll taken of the 680 fans, 60 percent of voters think that the series should end after season 4. Emily’s quest for avenging her father’s death has explored just about every angle possible while even veering off course a few times in season 2.


22 percent of voters say “No” in ending Revenge after season 4 and 17 percent say “Maybe.”

Fans have a lot to say about the Revenge season 4 speculations. Here are some of their comments from SpoilerTV:

“It should go out with a bang this season. After david’s resurrection,the storyline shouldn’t drag anymore than it needs to IMO!!” — Joy

“The darker the show gets the more interested it becomes. So yes it should continue.” — Irwin

“NO! I want more of Revenge, Love this show. But I don’t want them to spin the plot lines indefinitely into pointless entertainment. They need some master plot to build towards. Don’t know what’s left to tell, but hopefully the writers do :-)” — Ine

“Maybe, either end season 4 with a bang or have a short season 5 so that the show can reach its 100 episodes (only if the quality of the show is still good). Either way it should not go past a season 5. This is a great show and I want an epic conclusion, something that gets people talking for some time.” — Gio

How do you feel about Revenge ending after the new season coming up? Season 4 arguably looks to be the best season yet for the series. How can it get any better with the arrival of David Clarke and seeing how Victoria Grayson gets herself out of the mental institution? So many secrets are wide open now. The suspense is gaining traction and holding viewers’ attention more than ever before.

Will the writers have enough to keep up with after season 4? Somehow, that might not be a problem if fans can grow with new characters or plots being cleverly introduced onto the show.

[Image via ABC TV]