Beyonce Knowles Again Publicly Accuses Jay Z Of Cheating At Concert, Cries During Performance

Beyonce Knowles appears to have publicly accused husband Jay Z of cheating for the second time, using another concert to air her grievances.

The allegation came at a recent concert, when Beyonce changed the lyrics to her song “Resentment” to make it clear she was referencing her own troubled marriage.

MediaTakeOut reported that at the beginning of the song, Beyonce told fans “Forgiveness is the key to love, if you can’t forgive then you won’t die with the person you love.”

She then went on to alter the lyrics of the song, which is about an unfaithful man, to make it clear that she was referencing Jay Z.

Beyonce also openly cried during the song, the report noted.

This is now the second time that Beyonce has caused a stir by changing the lyrics to “Resentment.” At a concert in Ohio several days ago, Beyonce again changed lyrics to make it appear that she was referring to Jay Z cheating. She sang “Been ridin’ with you for 12 years,” instead of the original lyric of “six years.”

Sources say the change was no mistake.

“Beyonce is very calculated in everything that she does and by changing the lyrics to her song it did two very important things,” a source tells

There have been a slew of cheating rumors facing Jay Z, including alleged affairs with singers Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Mya.

Some sources think that Beyonce may be publicly accusing Jay Z of cheating in order to keep him in check while also drawing attention to the couple’s joint tour.

“One was to keep Jay Z in check and two was to create some buzz for the tour to sell tickets,” a source told “If people are going to talk about their relationship and the highs and lows, like everything else in her life she wants complete control and she wants all the advantages from it.”The source added, “Beyonce is more than a woman, she is a business and this was a business decision first and a call out second.”But others have pointed out that the changed lyrics may not be an accusation of cheating against Jay Z, as Beyonce has been tweaking the lyrics to “Resentment” for years.

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