Burger King’s Gay Rights Whopper Wrapper And Other Wacky BK eBay Items

Burger King's Gay Pride Whopper Wrapper

A fabulous Burger King Whopper wrapper is about to make one lucky BK customer a thousandaire.

According to Yahoo! Shine, an eBay user is trying to sell a rainbow-colored “Proud Whopper” wrapper for a whopping $1,000. As of right now, the pretty piece of paper only has two bids. However, it’s currently selling for $1,025. This isn’t a whole lot of dough, but it will buy you a ton of meat and buns at Burger King.

The Proud Whopper was sold at just one San Francisco Burger King restaurant during the city’s 44th annual Pride Celebration & Parade. The burger chain became the anti-Chick-fil-A by creating an LGBT-friendly Whopper that was out and proud with a rainbow-colored wrapper that read, “Introducing the Proud Whopper.” However, the sandwich it contained was just a regular Whopper. The reverse side of the wrapper made a social statement by proclaiming, “We are all the same inside” (does this mean we all have clogged arteries from eating too much fast food?).

Enterprising eBay seller bigrockandrollstar was lucky enough to get his hands on some Proud Whopper buns, and he was smart enough to save the wrapper they came in. He tried to justify his wrapper’s $1,000 price tag with an eBay description titled, “Own A Piece Of History – A Major US Franchise Open Endorsement of Gay Rights.” It read:

This is an authentic Burger King “Proud Whopper” Wrapper in perfect condition. This particular item was only sold at one location in San Francisco for the Gay Pride parade.

On the outside it reads “Introducing the Proud Whopper” on the reverse side it says “We are all the same inside”.

You can not find or buy this historical memorabilia anywhere else.

This is a true ONE OF A KIND.

Would look great framed on a wall!

This isn’t the only wacky Burger King item to appear on eBay. Back in 2008, the burger chain introduced a Whopper-scented men’s body spray called “Flame.” According to USA Today, the restaurant’s creepy king mascot appeared naked and wrapped in animal skins in a steamy ad for the fragrance. Burger King described the body spray as “the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.” Unfortunately for fans of smelling like fast food, the fragrance was only available for a limited time online and at Ricky’s NYC. It sold out surprisingly fast, but the Los Angeles Times reported that it was popping up for prices of $73 and up on eBay.

Another eBay oddity from Burger King was the “Vagina Onion Ring” up for grabs in 2012. Its asking price makes the Proud Whopper look like a steal – according to the Phoenix New Times, its seller wanted $9,000. Bidding for the Burger King onion ring resembling deep-fried lady bits actually got up to $9,100.

[Photo courtesy of eBay]