ISIS Has Uranium; Terrorists Who Crucify People Have Nuclear Material: Are We Concerned Yet?

Scott Rutherford

ISIS has 88 pounds of U-238 uranium, and no matter how much anyone tries to downplay the weapons capability or their ability to manufacture a nuclear device, the United States and the rest of the world really needs to start getting concerned enough to do something about it, preferably sometime yesterday.

Earlier today, The Inquisitr reported that ISIS (aka the Islamic State or the Caliphate) got its hands on uranium in Iraq.

Stop and let that sink in. ISIS has U-238 uranium. In other words, the people who did this:

And this:

And this:

Now have access to this:

U-238 uranium is poisonous and can be depleted and weaponized if sufficient amounts are obtained.

Are we concerned yet? Because that means that ISIS has the materiel they need to cause this:

And this:

ISIS now has material that could potentially be used to make a dirty bomb.

Meanwhile, our President has another pressing pool and beer meeting to attend:

obama on white house one

Perhaps someone will remind Mr. Obama that the future of humanity is not a game:

obama playing nero

How is it that the Russians, who are in negotiations to help nearby Iran to build more nuclear reactors, have more clarity on this than the United States, whose officials have largely downplayed the potential for weaponization? Iran has also called for the destruction of the United States and Israel while supplying arms, money and assistance to every major terrorist organization on the planet.

According to the Fox News report, Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Alexander Lukashevich put it this way:

"The sheer fact that the terrorists... show unmistakable interest in nuclear and chemical materials is, of course, very alarming."

On the other hand, what exactly did we EXPECT a well organized, militarized band of terrorists whose stated aim is to subdue the entire world under the oppressive yoke of their repressive brand of Islam would be interested in? Daisies and chocolates?

Of course, they have unmistakable interest in nuclear and chemical weapons, and of course, we should be concerned about it... concerned enough to do something other than watch them takeover the Middle East one village, one city, one nation at a time.

In case you missed it, ISIS is not your run of the mill cave dwelling terrorist looking to steal an airplane and fly it into the tallest building they can find -- as horrible as that is. ISIS is drawing in not only the so-called marginalized, impoverished Muslim men, but also Muslims who have been raised in the West, educated in the West's universities and who have enough marketing and tech savvy to promote their global jihad by social media, as reported earlier by TheInquisitr.

Are you really comfortable with the fact that we don't think any of the Western raised, Western university educated terrorists in ISIS has the know-how to weaponize this uranium or are we going to wait until they blowup a dirty bomb to realize that ISIS is our problem?

Are we also willing to abandon millions of innocent Iraqis to the tender mercies of a band of murderous psychopaths after George Bush And Dick Cheney laid waste to their country? Mr. Obama, have you no shame?

[images Via Twitter, Tumbler, The Washington Times and Bing]