Michael Fassbender Arrested, But Sorry, Prometheus Haters, It’s Not What You’re Thinking

Michael Fassbender has been arrested, but no, you probably won’t see it on CNN or TMZ. That’s because it’s the wrong Fassbender.

The guy you know from X-Men: Days of Future Past, Prometheus, and a bunch of other awesome movies is still doing just fine, enjoying his freedom, and presumably being a perfect citizen.

The 29-year-old Santa Cruz resident, on the other hand? Not so much.

That’s because he was spotted by a witness in a stolen car and then responded by leading police on a high-speed chase.

From the KSBW report:

Residents living in one downtown Santa Cruz neighborhood said they were not surprised as they watched Michael Fassbender being led away in handcuffs by police officers Wednesday afternoon.

Fassbender was shirtless and barefoot as he and a female friend were arrested on the 200 block of Union Street. Most people know the name Michael Fassbender because of the actor who stars in the ‘X-Men’ movies…. But local residents who are members of Take Back Santa Cruz said they know the name because of a different man — the 29-year-old Fassbender who… has a long rap sheet.”

Deputy Police Chief Rick Martinez said officers first spotted Fassbender and 22-year-old Sarah Marko on Wednesday. The officer flashed his lights; at this point, Marko and Fassbender switched places so he could take the wheel.

Fassbender led police on a two-mile sprint down Pacific Avenue, Front Street, Water Street, and River Street. “At one point, the Saturn veered onto a sidewalk and a woman who was walking had to dive out of the way to escape being run over,” Martinez said.

Marko and Fassbender left the stolen car and continued on foot. Fassbender was said to be wearing “Snoop Dog-style slippers.” He lost them in the foot-chase, Martinez said.

Marko was quickly captured and police formed a perimeter around the neighborhood. After 40 minutes of yard-to-yard searching, officers found Fassbender hiding behind a Victorian house.

The pair were booked on charges of vehicle theft, evading police with disregard for public safety, and probation violation.

While trying to find some connection to criminals who had celebrity names, we came up short. However, we did stumble upon this somewhat related news item from last month.

Apparently, Amelia Earhart is in the process of trying to finish the doomed mission of her more famous namesake.

(Very cool, Amelia. Hope you do it! We already like you better than fake Michael Fassbender.)