Stray Dog Suffers Severe Injuries After Being Strapped To Fireworks, Crowdfunding Used To Fund Vet Care (Video)

A stray dog in Centerton, Ark., is fighting for its life after having fireworks duct-taped to its back, according to a local television station.

NBC affiliate KNWA-TV 51 in Fayetteville reports that the stray dog, now known simply as Moxy, is under a doctor’s care after its harrowing experience.

“She was found with a large bottle rocket duct taped to her back. When Moxy arrived at the Animal Hospital of Centerton, she had burns on about thirty five percent of her body, was starving and extremely dehydrated.

“‘It’s difficult for me to imagine how a person would ever be able to do that to an animal,’ [Veterinarian Vava] Hooper says.

“The dog is starting to eat and drink water on her own, but she’s still hooked to an IV and full recovery will take some time.”

Simply getting the canine calm enough to let trained vets help him was a struggle, Hooper told the station, as the dog was afraid of being hurt again.

In order to pay for his veterinary care, the Centerton Animal Shelter set up a crowdfunding campaign through the website “Go Fund Me” and so far have raised $3,105 since Wednesday (July 9).

The amount is impressive considering the size of the community (9,515 people), the fact that it has only been one day and the fact that the animal shelter only set a funding goal of $1,000.

The campaign, entitled “Veterinary Care for Moxy,” tells about the amazing dog who has pulled through in spite of the serious injuries it sustained at the hands of a human.

“You have to have moxy to be in this kind of condition and still be willing to live! This little girl was found yesterday. Before the person who found her called the shelter, people in the neighborhood saw her with fireworks strapped to her body. We don’t know what all the scars are, but they are old and healing. The vet says she needs to be on fluids for a few days so I am asking for your help to save this precious girl.”

The veterinarian caring for Moxy is pleading with the public to tell the police if they know anything about who may have taped the fireworks to Moxy’s back.

“‘We need to know who did it,’ she says. ‘They need to get help, because they definitely have a problem.’

“Centerton police want to hear from anyone with information about who is responsible for the crime at 479-795-4431. The shelter is still accepting donations to help pay for Moxy’s care.”

This unfortunately is not the first time a dog has been harmed using fireworks. The Inquisitr previously reported on a man who used powder explosives to blow up his pet dog. Unbelievably, the man did not face charges.

Tell us what you think about Moxy? Do you have plans to donate for her care? What should happen to the person who caused the burns to her body with fireworks? Tell us in the comments section below.

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