Barack Obama Goes To Denver To Drink Beer And Play Pool Despite The Border Situation

Barack Obama

The situation pertaining to Texas and illegal immigrants has amplified by a lot over the course of this year. Just here on The Inquisitr, we brought multiple reports associated with the problem of border protection and patrol. This includes Texans mobilizing to keep illegal immigrants out of the country while illegal immigrants burn the American flag as a statement. Fortunately, the President is supposedly close to a deal about the situation but only after ignoring the border crisis for some time now.

Now another report shows our President in a way that presents aloofness and apathy about the border crisis situation as pictures of Barack Obama drinking beer and shooting pool surface on the internet.

The initial report actually comes from someplace surprising if you’re a Republican: MSNBC (through an article by IJReview). For most Republicans and people who associate themselves to be Republican, MSNBC is considered to be a liberal news site. However, Andrea Mitchell tore into Obama on the current border crisis. She also tore the president up about Obamacare but seemed to stick mostly with the border crisis. However, the report was not impressed by Mitchell’s words because they stated this has been happening for the longest time with Obama as they stated:

“After an administration where the president has “pivoted to the economy” a hundred times while playing a record number of golf rounds, the ridiculousness of this regime is egg on the media’s faces as well.”

Summarized, the article blames Andrea Mitchell, and liberal news sites, for being “late in the game” when holding the president accountable for his actions, when it has already been done for the longest time, yet were ignored.

This article actually compliments an earlier article when Barack Obama was offered a hand by a man wearing a horse mask and later offered marijuana. For those who don’t know, Denver, Colorado – which is the location where Obama is seen playing pool, drinking beer, shaking hands with a man in a horse mask, and receiving pot – is the marijuana capitol of the United States, and in some reports, the world (as reported by The 420 Times).

In conclusion, the statement given at the very end of the follow-up report by Now The End Begins seems to summarize what some people feel when it comes to Obama and his position with border patrol:

“America in 2014 is on a jet-ride downward spiral. Our president sees no reason to contain the borders…”

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