National Guard Prepares For 'An Event' At Yellowstone National Park [Video]

Jan Omega

If there is one part of the United States that truly has the potential for a doomsday scenario, it is easily Yellowstone National Park. Despite the fact hundreds of people visit the national park each day -- probably to see all the geysers, hot springs and wildlife the park is famous for -- what they don't realize is that the park is sitting on one the largest active volcano in the world. That alone should be frightening!

As a matter of fact, we here at The Inquisitr reported numerous times on Yellowstone National Park or the conspiracy theory it is about ready to erupt. This includes articles that animals are escaping the park and that the USGS is hiding information about the park's earthquake fissures. But everything should be all right because the bison aren't leaving the park, so that means there is no issue, right?

Now another video has come to light on the internet showing that the National Guard is preparing for a Yellowstone National Park event, quite possibly the supervolcano eruption.

Uploaded by Tom Lupshu on his YouTube channel, the majority of the video is him talking about the upcoming eruption or the possibility of an upcoming eruption. It is very frightening how he makes it sound, and as the video comes to an end, it almost comes off as a conspiracy theory with no proof... until the very end shows the leaked video feed of the National Guard preparing for the monumental event. The cut is very short, but it shows a man who is probably in charge talking about how the ash is really heavy and comes in like a dense fog.


Another fringe website, Before It's News, followed up on Tom Lupshu's video, explaining what would be needed if the supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park were to erupt. The magnitude and strength of the volcano would require people to stock up on as much non-perishable food and clean water as well as have weaponry for hunting and defense.

If this video is real, let's hope this is nothing more than a training exercise for the possibility of a catastrophic event instead of quick preparation for a predicted event in the near future. After all, most Americans would prefer to visit scenic Yellowstone to see the bison and the geysers. Preparing for the end of life as we know it is probably not high on most folk's bucket list.

[Image Via Columbia Pictures and National Geographic]