Serial Rapist Dies Ten Minutes After Assault [Video]

Serial rapist dies in car accident

A man accused of multiple sexual assaults in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has died before he could be arrested. Desmond Campbell, 30, was involved in a deadly car crash June 29 just ten minutes after his last sexual assault, according to KFOR News.

As Campbell was on his way to the hospital following his massive wreck, authorities were able to match his DNA and link him to numerous sexual assaults. Opposing Views reported that when police began to investigate the scene of the car crash, they found some of the rape victim’s belongings inside Campbell’s car.

According to Tulsa police, Campbell did whatever he could to hide evidence of his rape attacks. Police revealed that Campbell would do his best to not leave any traces of DNA, he wore gloves, he made his victims wash after he raped them, and would leave with the sheets and any clothing involved.

After being in a coma for one week, Campbell was pronounced dead on June 8 at 11:30 am. Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris stated they were just about to file charges against Campbell for 10 sexual assaults, seven burglaries, and six robberies when his death was announced per KFOR News.

“The death of Mr. Campbell isn’t going to provide any justice for these victims in a criminal court of law,” assistant district attorney Steve Kunzweiler said. “However the justice he will face will come from a higher authority.”

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