Amazon Zocalo Document Storage And Sharing Service Finally Arrives

Amazon Zocalo has finally arrived, and it appears that it’s poised to challenge the likes of Box, Huddle and Google Docs, reports Venture Beat.

What Is Amazon Zocalo?

According to Amazon Web Services, Zocalo is a fully managed enterprise-grade document storage and collaboration service that allows users to “store, share, and gather feedback on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, webpages, images, PDFs, or text files – from the device of their choice.”

Zocalo’s primary competitors are Box, Dropbox and Huddle, all of which offer a similar dose of enterprise-grade storage and collaboration services. The primary difference is that Zocalo gets to operate through Amazon’s extraordinarily powerful cloud-based S3 storage service. This gives the service a much-needed added edge.

Plus, Amazon is offering a better starter package that comes with 200 GB of storage for just $5 per month. Box’s entry-level option, as an example, only offers 100 GB for the same price.

What Are Some Features Of Zocalo?

Perhaps the most notable feature of Zocalo is the fact that it offers ongoing data encryption, meaning that it encrypts “data both in transit and at rest.” Plus, it offers a consistent interface among numerous device types, from conventional PCs to touchscreen laptops, tablet devices, ebook readers and even mobile smartphones. It also integrates seamlessly into a corporation’s’ already existing enterprise infrastructure, which is a big benefit.

What Inspired Amazon To Create Zocalo?

The reason Amazon chose to develop Zocalo actually coincides with its integration capabilities. Amazon’s general manager Zoah Eisner explains:

“Customers have told us that they’re fed up with the cost, complexity, and performance of their existing old guard enterprise document and collaboration management tools. AWS was increasingly being asked to provide an enterprise storage and sharing tool that was easy to use, allowed users to quickly collaborate with others, and met the strict security needs of their organizations. That’s what Amazon Zocalo was built to do.”

Zocalo basically takes everything else that’s already on the market and adds to it. The result is a more comprehensive tool capable of meeting the growing demands of very large corporations.

What Else Does Amazon Have Up Its Sleeve?

TechCrunch points out that Amazon is getting ready to launch a product known as Cognito. This new service “will let developers store and manage identities for users of their apps.” The tech giant is also working on a cross-platform mobile analytics reporting service known as Amazon Mobile Analytics.

Image via [Amazon]