Garth Brooks Announces New Label Deal, Single To Premiere This Month

Garth Brooks has been gone for a while, and for many country music fans who love the sound of a steel guitar and the more traditional sounds of their favorite genre, it’s been way too long. But now they can breathe a sigh of relief as Brooks himself announced in a press conference earlier today that he had signed a new deal Sony with an album that will probably be released in November.

His new single is due out later this month, and details about his upcoming world tour will be announced on July 14.

In addition to all of that, according to CMT, Brooks has finally agreed to let all of his previous music be available for digital downloads. He said that everyone will be able to download it from his website in about two or three weeks. He also added that his website will be upgraded and expanded for this new feature.

In anticipation of being accused of selling his older music at high prices, Brooks said that the decision to let the music be downloaded came to down making sure the fans and songwriters benefited from it.

“The people who waited should be rewarded,” Brooks added, according to CMT.

Before his retirement, Garth Brooks was signed to Capitol Nashville from 1989 until 2005, but retired in 2001 to raise his daughters in Oklahoma. Since then, anything that was released by him was available exclusively through Sam’s Club and Walmart. Now, under his new deal with Sony and RCA Records Label Nashville, his music will be made available through all retailers.

ABC News reports that Brooks talked about the new music, too, and said that they’ve been recording everything except his songs:

“I’ve never had more fun in my life making music. I’m getting my a** kicked by the songwriters right now… We’re cutting everything but Garth stuff right now. The level of songwriting stunned me.”

While it’s definitely an exciting period for country fans and Brooks, there was also a little bit of disappointment in the air, according to CMT. It was reported earlier this week that the remaining three shows he scheduled to do in Ireland were cancelled after the Dublin City Council refused to grant permission for the last two concerts. Brooks said earlier that he was either going to all five of them or none at all.

“It’s a day of joy, ” he said. “Not going to be lying to you. It’s also under a cloud right now.”

When asked how he felt about his new record deal and decision to come back, he responded with humor and honesty.

“Everybody loves everybody when you get started,” Brooks, 52, told the room, according to CMT. “We’ll see in a year. I hope you don’t regret this. I hope I don’t. I think we’ll be all right.”

[Image via tncountryfan]