Del Toro Tight-Lipped About B&W Film To Be Shot Before ‘Pacific Rim 2’

Guillermo Del Toro To Do B&W Film

Guillermo del Toro, arguably one of the most imaginative and creative directors working today, is usually very vocal about his upcoming projects. Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported on Del Toro’s plans for the upcoming Pacific Rim 2 and At the Mountains of Madness. However, getting a film from the written word into production and onto the big screen is a massively difficult task, and many of Del Toro’s ambitious plans have unfortunately fallen by the wayside. Possibly because of this, when Del Toro was recently interviewed by Collider about a smaller, black and white film to be shot before Pacific Rim 2, Del Toro was a bit more reserved.

“Right away, in February/March, I should [start on] a very small movie, black and white, really, really bizarre, before starting – we start pre-production on ‘Pacific Rim 2’ in August, and then I interrupt it briefly to go into the first of next year to go into this strange little movie.”

It’s interesting that Del Toro would go from a Kaiju-sized, eye-candy extravaganza like the Pacific Rim films, to something much more intimate. In the interview, Del Toro said that the cast of the black and white film would be extremely small.

So what will Del Toro’s strange little movie be about? Del Toro was hesitant to say, but he did mention some casting thoughts he has about the film.

“I would love to have John Hurt, and there’s an actress that I have in mind that is not very well known but I’ve seen her in a short film. That’s all she’s really done, one feature and one short, but she has incredibly interesting taste and I’m gonna try her out for the main role.”

Fans of Del Toro’s films will remember that John Hurt worked with Del Toro previously on the director’s masterful flick, Hellboy.

When asked about the black and white film’s content, Del Toro confirmed that the movie “does have a creature in it.” However, he was cautious about giving too much away.

“It does [have a title], but I find — I’d rather do the projects and then show them to people than talk about them. I think that it’s going to be a nice thing for people to know which one is it and where it came from when it’s a reality.”

Del Toro is currently finishing up post-production on Crimson Peak, which, according to Screen Rant, is a gothic ghost story set in England. Del Toro has described Crimson Peak as “shocking, kinky, gothic, and scary.”