Kendall Jones: Democrat Offers 100K For Nude Photos Of Texas Cheerleader

Nude photos of Texas cheerleader Kendall Jones will garner a $100,000 bounty from Virginia Democratic Congressional candidate Mike Dickinson. The self-described liberal has a history of posting messages often deemed insulting and inflammatory on social networking websites.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kendall Jones is the Texas cheerleader who posted controversial photos of herself and dead wild animals on Facebook. The 19-year-old Texas Tech student was allegedly hoping to get a reality show offer based upon her safari exploits.

The tweet Mike Dickinson posted on the DickinsonForCongress Twitter account reads:

"I have 100k to anyone who has nude photos or videos of #kendalljones at Texas Tech. She deserves to be a target."

After the tweet asking for nude photos of Kendall Jones, Virginia liberal Mike Dickinson followed up by posting this:

"Does #KendallJones use vegetables as sex toys? Does she enjoy being spanked? We want to know."

Even those Twitter users who did not like the trophy killings of wild animals posted that Dickinson's tweets about Kendall Jones were at the very least, offensive. In response, the Democratic candidate for Congress noted his free speech rights and in some cases, resorted to vulgar insults to other posters.

mike dicksinson

One tweet response to critics read:

"Only the teabaggers celebrate #KendallJones for hunting animals but criticize me for hunting her. 100k for nude photos."

Exactly why Mike Dickinson feels Tea Party members or conservatives support trophy killings of wild animals, or liberals are fine with "hunting" a Texas cheerleader, remains totally unclear. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Facebook pulled some of Jones' hunting photos but allowed, at least temporarily, a "Kill Kendall Jones" Facebook page to exist.

Some question whether or not Mike Dickinson is a serious candidate for Congress. He does operate a political candidacy website, complete with Dickinson for Congress banners, solicits donations, and shares his plans to "end the gridlock" in Washington, D.C. if elected. Dickinson's Twitter profile also lists him as a Virginia candidate for Congress.

In spite of all the signs of legitimately running for office, the Ballotpedia election monitoring website currently notes that Mike Dickinson did not meet the state's reporting requirements to qualify for inclusion on the election ballot. The website is not an official election website, but has a respected reputation for reporting about candidate and issue inclusions on ballots and election results. If Mike Dickinson is really a candidate for Congress, he would be running for Virginia's 7th District seat.

How do you feel about Mike Dickinson offering to pay $100,000 for nude photos of Kendall Jones?