Necrophiliac Male Nurse Had Sex With 82-Year-Old Female Corpse: Given Two Year Prison Sentence

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Alejando Razo, 62, worked as a male nurse at the Sherman Oaks Hospital in California. The Daily Mail reports that he has just been convicted of the crime of having of sexual contact with human remains.

Razo was found guilty of having sexual contact with the corpse of an 82-year-old female patient while preparing her body for the mortuary. On Thursday, he was sentenced by a Van Nuys Superior Court judge to two years in state prison, according to KTLA.

In 2013, he was caught by a fellow nurse in the dead woman’s room with his pants down, and was arrested on January 20. The patient had died earlier in the day of natural causes. Razo, who had a 20-year career at various health care facilities, was convicted using DNA evidence.

Razo will serve his sentence in a county jail, but 180 days of the sentence will be served under supervised release.

He must get weekly psychological counseling during his release, and also attend sex offender meetings. He is also banned from entering Sherman Oaks Hospital.

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District Attorney spokesman Ricardo Santiago said that the family of the deceased woman is aware of what had happened. The woman’s name has not been released.

Razo is currently being held at the Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles.

Necrophilia is the condition of being sexually attracted to a corpse.

Many necrophiles suffer from poor self-esteem, perhaps due in part to a significant loss. Research has shown that necrophilia can be triggered by different circumstances.

For example, if a man is very fearful of rejection by women and desires a sexual partner who is incapable of rejecting him. Or, if he is fearful of the dead, and transforms his fear into a desire, he develops an exciting fantasy of sex with a corpse, sometimes after exposure to a corpse.

In the U.S. there is no federal legislation specifically barring sex with a corpse, but most states have their own laws. It is classed either as a misdemeanor or a felony, both in various grades, according to each state.

In California it is a felony under Health and Safety Code 7052, with a penalty of up to eight years in prison.