Doomsday Cameo In ‘Batman Vs Superman’? Is DC Setting Us Up To Take On ‘Apocalypse’?

A Doomsday cameo might make it into Batman Vs Superman. This makes us wonder if DC Comics is planning to use him in the next film to combat X-Men: Apocalypse at the box office.

It has been rumored for years that Marvel characters are often created as an alternative to new ones from DC Comics. Quicksilver was basically a remake of The Flash, Deadpool was the wisecracking parody of Deathstroke, and Apocalypse was apparently the answer to Doomsday.

Now it appears that the movies are doing the same thing. After Doomsday made an appearance in the end credits for Man of Steel, Apocalypse was announced as the main villain of the X-Men film directly after Days of Future Past. Now it appears that Doomsday could be the main villain when Justice League hits.

The Doomsday cameo could simply be foreshadowing for an event that DC Comics and Warner Bros. hopes to use against Bryan Singer’s attempt to bring the X-Men series back from its downward spiral. Now that Days of Future Past has fixed the franchise somewhat and gotten the fans excited again, Warner Bros. may have seen the need to kick their own films up a notch.

This also makes us wonder, with the way Warner Bros is re-imagining nearly every character including Lex Luthor, will Doomsday appear to be less of a threat if and when he gets a starring role? Lex was never a strong character physically, but he always had a certain look that Jesse Eisenberg just doesn’t seem right to fill. Rumors are claiming that Joaquin Pheonix is being tapped for the role of Superman‘s ultimate villain.

Don’t get the fanboys started on Ben Affleck as Batman, either. After his starring role as Daredevil, most fans are expecting a similar disappointment from the new dark knight.

Doomsday was a character genetically created to be the most powerful villain in the universe, and Superman’s ultimate equal. He even succeeded for a while when he killed the Man of Steel in the “Death of Superman” story arc.

What do you think of the rumored Doomsday cameo in Batman Vs Superman?

[image via blogdesuperheroes]