How ON EARTH Are The Emmys Still Ignoring ‘Orphan Black’ And Tatiana Maslany?!

Last night, we learned that Orphan Black Season 3 had finally, mercifully been announced and would begin filming in September in Toronto — just ahead of this week’s Emmy nomination announcements, in which everyone expected star Tatiana Maslany to be nominated for her Earth-shatteringly amazing portrayal of…

Sarah Manning, Orphan Black‘s lead character and anchor, a British grifter who learns a terrifying secret. Oh, and Beth Childs, a Canadian or American cop who initially harbors all the harmful knowledge and meets Sarah seconds before her violent death.

Also, Cosima Neihaus, a “dreadlocked science geek” who smokes dope and sequences DNA while being a lesbian. And Allison Hendrix, a tense but loveable soccer mom who initially hates being part of Orphan Black‘s “clone club” but reluctantly becomes adorable and a favorite. And Helena, a childlike serial killer of clones who is really just a loyal seestra.

Oh, and Rachel Duncan, Orphan Black‘s “pro clone,” raised at the helm of Dyad Institute and the only lonely clone since she really has no friends. And Tatiana Maslany plays all of them, brilliantly, sometimes against one another, sometimes even three or four in one scene, and you totally don’t even lose your suspension of disbelief, because Maslany is a wizard and a mentalist and generally you sit down in front of Amazon Prime with a remote and a sugar free Fudgesicle for a quite Friday night in and suddenly it’s Sunday morning and your phone is dead and you’re out of Orphan Black.

The point is, there is Orphan Black Season 3 to look forward to, but that is no consolation for “clone club” because Tatiana Maslany deserves a freaking Emmy more than anyone has deserved anything in the history of human existence.

Witness, a fan video (with some swearing) in which some of Maslany’s amazing skills are touched upon — warning, mild spoilers:

On Twitter, fans and people who have walked through rooms while Orphan Black played in the background reacted in the same fashion:

Even E! Online complained:

And the official Twitter feed joked:

ETA: Ahahahahahaha:

Orphan Black Season 3 is set to premiere in the spring, which is approximately 990 years away AND Tatiana Maslany not getting nominated is some next level idiocy. Just saying.

[Image: Orphan Black, BBC America]