‘Extant’ Series Premiere Features Halle Berry As A Pregnant Space Astronaut

The new American science fiction series Extant premiered last night on CBS, and according to People, it featured movie superstar Halle Barre. Produced by Steven Spielberg, the new series Extant casts Halle as Molly Woods, a lone space-traveling astronaut who arrives back on Earth after a year-long mission in space.

Return To Earth (SPOILER ALERT)

During the series premiere of Extant, we learn that Halle’s character Molly is married to a technology-whiz named John, reports Boston magazine. Not only that, but she has a human-looking robot-android son named Ethan who thrives off a double-battery pack. Plus, she discovers that she somehow became pregnant while on her mission in space. What happened? FLASHBACK TIME!

A solar flare knocks out her ship’s power for 13 hours. During this time period, she encounters some sort of alien or ghost who resembles her former partner Marcus. She tries to speak to this entity and eventually winds up embracing him. The scene then cuts to black. When she wakes up, she checks her security camera footage and sees herself basically embracing air. This prompts her to delete the footage.

So did this strange entity impregnate her? We don’t know for sure, but it’s what we the audience are led to believe.

Drama Galore

We also learn during the series premiere of Extant that Earth itself is teeming with drama. Molly works for the private International Space Exploration Agency (ISEA). Heading this organization is a very shady CEO known as Hideki Yasumoto, who, according to Boston, “sleeps in some kind of weird tomb covered in goop.”

Neither Yasumoto nor Molly’s immediate supervisors believe her when she claims that she accidentally deleted the missing security footage. What’s interesting is that it turns out another ISEA astronaut experienced the exact same thing. The difference is that he committed suicide upon his return to Earth.

Remember her husband, John? He wants more funding for his work with artificial intelligence, so he makes a presentation to Yasumoto’s board of directors. They dislike the idea, but Yasumoto himself decides to fund it privately so as to keep a leash on his wife, who he apparently distrusts.

Final Spoilers

Ready for a few more Extant spoilers? Ethan has a scary mean streak. Molly’s supervisors are eavesdropping on her therapy sessions. And she receives a letter that reads, “I know what happened to you. Contact soon.”

In case you haven’t seen the series premiere of Extant yet (in which case we’re really, really sorry for all the spoilers), check the video below. And oh, episode 2 of Extant airs Wednesday, July 16.

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