Daunte Culpepper and the San Francisco 49ers

It looks like Daunte Culpeper may be working his way back to a NFL job. It is being reported that the San Francisco 49ers will take a look at Daunte to see if he can be the veteran presence to settle their very shaky QB situation. We last saw Daunte in the NFL with the Detroit Lions throwing a fit on the sidelines during their annual Thanksgiving game when he found out he would not be starting. In 2010 he had a pretty impressive year with the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League, but I seriously doubt any of you actually saw those games.

I do not know if Culpepper is the answer for the Niners, but he would certainly be an upgrade over what they currently have. On top of that in name recognition alone he is probably worth a veteran minimum contract with performance bonuses worked in. What they actually means, if this gets done, is yet to be determined. However, I do think it is time Daunte got another change at a NFL job.

He was the 11th overall pick by the Minnesota Vikings in the 1999 draft, and was pretty successful with them until some injuries took their toll on him. He had a hard go of it with he Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Riders before taking a backup job with the Detroit Lions. Again those of us who watched the UFL in 2010 can attest to the fact that this guy still has something left in the tank.

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