George Ferguson Con Obit: Daughter Of Con Man Doesn’t Sugar-Coat His Obit

George Ferguson — a con man — had a nice obit written about him when he died. His daughter, Karen Shirley, did him an “honor” and didn’t sugar-coat one sentence of her dad’s obituary. According to The Huffington Post, Ferguson was called out for who he was. His family decided against writing something heartfelt (or maybe this was heartfelt?), and instead decided to give George the send-off that they felt he deserved.

The obit read in part:

“He’d gladly have stolen the shirt off your back and he was generous to a fault with other people’s money. Was he a small-time con-man with grandiose schemes? Probably. But another view of him is that he was the most exciting member of his family and of the families he married into.”

The George Ferguson con obit was one of the most honest things about a person ever written. His family (namely his daughter, according to The SpreadIt) wrote about how George used women, drove drunk, and had run-ins with the cops. While the obituary is undoubtedly funny, one has to wonder if this is something that George would have appreciated. His family apparently still cared for him — as they visited him in the hospital before he died, brought him beer, and drank with him — so was this there way of paying tribute to a guy who was actually proud of the way he lived? It’s quite possible.

Another part of the obituary read:

“While George did not live well by some people’s lights, it should be universally accepted that he did die well. In hospital, two days beforehand, he said he’d finished with the medical procedures he had been avidly seeking for the past few years; he said he was ‘checking out’. He was completely calm and committed to the decision.”

Though clearly a con man, George Ferguson’s obit actually highlighted some of his most memorable moments in life. While some might say that the obituary was vindictive, it may have been so honest that it really meant something to people who knew George — and who apparently loved him, even if he didn’t live a model life.

Even after Ferguson passed away, his family learned something new:

“Turns out, his timing was impeccable: the next day we found out that he had been racking up ominous bank and credit card debts. Clearly, those supplemental incomes were about to dry up.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a man named Thurman Winston had an obituary written about him that had a “twist” of sorts at the end. That post went viral on Reddit back in Sept. 2013. Evidently, writing honest (and funny) obituaries isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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