WWE News: Kurt Angle Turns Down TNA Contract Offer, Set To Potentially Jump To WWE?

Kurt Angle Walking

Former WWE and TNA World Champion Kurt Angle is possibly the most unique Pro-Wrestler of all time. Unlike any wrestler before him, he is an Olympic Gold Medalist in Wrestling. Several people who have been in or are currently in the WWE have been to the Olympics, such as Mark Henry. However, none have had the same success as Angle and none have been able to compete on as high of a level as him. Simply put, Kurt Angle is a Cyborg.

This wrestling machine potentially has a last run left in him, one that could last potentially 3 years before he’d have to consider retirement or work part-time. There is one place most want him to return to, and the letters T-N-A are not present. WWE was the place Angle got his start. Back in 1997, Angle considered a jump to Pro-Wrestling. He hurt his neck at the Olympics and wanted to heal up. Once done, he was considering the idea that he could still be part of wrestling. Always a Pro-Wrestling fan, Angle realized that due to the wrestling explosion at the time, there would be no better time to appear.

Angle had ECW, WCW, and WWE eyes on him. People forget, he actually was on ECW for a very short period. He saw a storyline angle he did not like, and thus took the WWE offer. He was quickly given the keys to the ride and pushed immensely. He was a champion within a year and in marquee storylines with some of the company’s top stars. By the early 2000s, Angle was one of WWE’s top stars. Before the left in 2006, he was clearly WWE’s top name.

When he jumped to the TNA roster, many in WWE were upset. However, like any time WWE loses a big name they move on. Now, 8 years later, Angle is considering the idea that he may want to go back to the WWE for a last run.

Kurt Angle

On Jim Ross’ podcast, Angle said that he turned down TNA’s recent contract offer. His contract is set to end in September, which is telling of where Angle is at with TNA.

He claimed that the next contract he signs will be his last, so he’s considering what he wants to do. He also said that he will be healthy enough to return to wrestling in October. This would allow him to return at TNA’s biggest event, Bound for Glory. He may wrestle that off of a short-term contract and then see what he wants to do after his 90 days are up. This is similar to what Sting was said to be doing back in January.

The difference between these two men is that Angle can probably still go in the ring full time for a few years while Sting may be a few matches a year type of guy. Both are still in great shape and worthy of a WWE run however.

Kurt Angle said that he always considered going back to WWE when asked a while back, even Bully Ray said that if Vince McMahon asked him to come back he would in a “heartbeat.” So despite the TNA competition with WWE, several former WWE stars wouldn’t mind being back there. They all either left to do their own thing or were fired. That’s the facts of how they ended up in TNA.

Will Angle come back to WWE? Time will tell. Many are worried about his health and if he still has an alcohol issue. Angle claims he is fine, but he will have to pass the strict testing policies WWE has if he is set to be a member of the WWE roster again. If Ric Flair can pass them, I think Angle can. If not, that should tell you something about his health.

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