Fox News Keeps Gay GOP Candidate Fred Karger Out Of Debate, Despite Qualified Scoring

Fred Karger spent 30-years in politics hiding his true sexual orientation as a gay man, he did so while working a a political strategist on nine different presidential campaigns that include Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush and now he’s out of the closet and attempting to raise awareness about basic human rights among youngsters.

Karger came out of the closet five years ago and the 61-year-old Republican recently became the first openly gay person to file with the FEC to run for President.

Speaking the the Los Angeles Times Karger says:

“I want to send the message to gay younger people and older people and everyone in between that you can do anything you want in life, and don’t feel bad about yourself and don’t feel you have to live your life the way I did.”

He says now that he realized gay people can have careers in politics he wants to debate the GOP’s other politicians, including Mitt Romney about the Mormon Church’s backing of Prop 8 and various other issues.

There’s just one problem, even though Karger passed theFox News criteria of scoring above 1% in five national polls, the news network didn’t offer him an invite for Iowa’s Thursday night debate, considered one of the most important when gauging a politicians chances at earning their parties support.

Karger doesn’t expect to win the Presidential nomination, he simply wants his chance to debate in front of a national audience to inspire other gay men and women and children to realize their dreams in a society that still fixates on racial and sexual issues at a time when education is faltering, the economy is in shambles and politicians continue to be wrapped up in scandal.
Does it really surprise anyone that Fox News kept the gay minority out of the Iowa debate?