Meet Allen Samuels. He’s To Hip Hop What Rebecca Black Is To Pop Music [Video]

Rebecca Black is about to get overshadowed by a 55-year-old Casino executive from New Jersey. Allen Samuels on August 5 released a video called “Living De Life” which has gained more than 365,000 views at the time of this post.

In the promo for the video Samuels calls Shaquille O’Neal a friend (we know how his rap career worked out), while talking about his VIP section lifestyle, private jet and playing golf.

He raps:

“I’m livin’ de life, livin’ de life, if you ain’t with it shorty then you’re part of the hype.”

Allen is already calling his song a “hit” and says he owes his success to the likes of Tupac and 50 Cent.

When asked if he minds the various negative comments he’s received on the videos page he says of the criticism:

“I’m used to it from the casino business but I have a lot of confidence in myself,” while he adds, “To be honest, it’s hard to read some of the things but I’m just having fun with it, staying positive and enjoying the ride.”

I have to hand it to Allen Samuels, at least he realizes he’s not the next Tupac and he definitely has a positive outlook on life. One advantage he has over Rebecca Black? He’s probably not going to get picked on by kids at the playground.

Here’s the video:

Who in the world produced this sorry excuse for a song, I’m guessing Kevin Federline? Is this the new fifteen minutes of fame? People with bad music videos who promote themselves in somewhat serious ways, it’s actually rather brilliant from a viral business standpoint.